100×100=900 @ Inter Art Center/Gallery


798 Art District, Beijing

Dec. 28 – 29, 2013 , 2 pm – 6 pm



(poster still video image: Rocky Railway High – PRC – 1912)

Happy Holidays!

After visiting the Memorial Museum of 1911 Revolution of Guangzhou in November, the museum written me to request assistance  in collecting information and documentations regarding funds donated by Chinese in Canada (particularly the Chinese Freemasons 致公堂 in Vancouver and Victoria which mortgaged their buildings for the contributed funds), during Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s visit to Canada from February  to April, 1911. The funds were for the renowned 1911 (Xianhai) Revolution that eventually lead to the overturning of the Qing government and establishment of the Republic of China in 1912.

For more information please visit the following page:


Still video  image of David Cheung’s Rocky Railway High (PRC) – for 1912.

(for commemoration of the Chinese railway workers.)

The screening was featured on 99ys.com as the leading art event.

                              Founder of LXT’s Film Fund, renown art critic Mr. Li Xianting栗憲庭

at the forum  on the  2nd  day’s screening.

Many audiences attended both day’s screenings (total 7+ hours).

Some actually travelled over 2.5 hours each way on public transit to get to the event.

                                    with curator of LXT’s Film Fund Zhang Haito 張海濤

                           with artistic director of LXT’s Film Fund Tung Bing Feng 董冰锋

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Rocky Railway High (Closure)

Rocky Railway High (Closure) is an interactive art project for commemoration of Chinese Railway Workers in Canada, supported by the Community Historical Recognition Program. Our goal is to collect 5,000 “expressions” (drawings or writings) in the form of a postcard submission from the public by November 2011. Please visit www.rockyrailwayhigh.com for more information.

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